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5 Explanation On Why Engagement Photography Is Important

Though a wedding is a one-day ceremony, it has a celebration all around it. The preparations start way ahead and is curated with a lot of care.  One such event associated with the wedding is the engagement ceremony. Ideally, this ties the guy and the girl together. In other words, this occasion highlights the fact […]


7 Questions To Ask At Wedding Photography

Your wedding album is your treasure for life. It contains all the beautiful moments of your wedding and of course you would like to leaf through the glossy pages once in a while.  But for all that to happen you need the perfect wedding photography and thus you must go through the different wedding photography […]


Do You Need A Wedding Photographer Banff?

Whether to hire wedding photographer Banff or not is a common dilemma while planning your wedding. At Reminiscence Wedding Studios we have a lot of clients who had initially thought about not hiring Banff wedding photographers.  Of course, one might have their thoughts for either choosing wedding photographers or not, we insist that you do!  […]


Things Not To Ask Your Best Calgary Wedding Photographers

While you want to hire the best Calgary wedding photographer for your big day, you need to know about a few things you should NOT ask your photographer. Yes, you heard it right. For so long we have been harping on the things that you MUST ASK, MUST DO, MUST GET, but it’s time to […]

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