Wedding Photography Calgary On A Budget: 5 Tips By Reminiscence Wedding Studios

If you are considering a Calgary wedding photographer for your big day, then we suggest that you think hard and long about it.

Wedding photography is a very important part of your D-day in the current times and we at Reminiscence Wedding Studios understand the concerns that most of our clients have.

Though we offer the best wedding photographer Calgary to our clients, cost becomes a matter of procrastination and we very much encourage our clients to that end.

If your wedding bells are ringing then your search for affordable wedding photographer Calgary is well justified and must be thought after.

At Reminiscence Wedding Studios we provide the very best to our clients both in terms of videography and photography. Our team of experienced videographers and photographers work in coordination with our clients and produce breathtaking results.

Our services are spread out in such a manner that everyone can find something they like in a suitable price slab. Of course, our services vary as per the price considerations but we have something for everyone!!

In that light, wedding photographer prices Calgary is something that needs to be discussed.

At Reminiscence Wedding Studios we understand that wedding photography can be a pricey affair. However, there are different budget options to choose from.

So how does one select the best photography packages in a budget?

That is what we are here to answer. The following 5 tips handpicked by the most experienced photographers and videographers of Reminiscence Wedding Studios and are sure to help you:

But before we get into the best budgeting tips, there are two things that you have to consider which impacts the cost of wedding photography. These are Candid Photography and Cinematography.

Both of these become quite pricey if you want an extravagant style. However, to keep things in the budget you will either have to make cuts on both the fronts or chose one aspect on which you will like to spend more on than the other.

These considerations must be made before you go out to search for your ideal wedding photographers.

Once this is sorted, you can make use of the following means to keep your photography changes in the budget.

Ask For Recommendations On Your Social Media Platforms:

If you are looking for affordable wedding photographer Calgary, then your search should be directed to that end. The best way to do this is by searching on the various social media platforms.

Make a few changes in the setting and keep the post public so that more people can see your post.

Many a time, friends and family have good references for wedding photographer prices Calgary. If they turn out to be affordable you can consider them for your wedding.

Make Use of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp To Find Out Good Affordable Wedding Photographers:

Many a time people just ignore the social media posts or they just pass by it without much notice. However, it’s difficult to do that when it comes to personal messages.

In that light, if you are looking for Calgary wedding photographer reviews and affordable wedding photographer Calgary then you can send out WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger, posts and status updates. This is bound to get you some positive reply from your friends and family.

Leave Out On Few Things To Fit Your Budget:

If you have flipped through most wedding magazines then you are sure to know that 10 percent of your total wedding budget must be spent on your wedding photography.

This number is usually ideal for people who are planning on a less extravagant wedding and can make do with a few novice photographers. But it becomes an issue if you are looking for something better and unique.

Though your budget is important do not shun away a good photography studio who charge you a little extra. Other cuts can be made to fit in your favorite wedding photographer at your wedding budget. For instance, you can cut down on your leather-bound wedding album to save some money, or you can get the photographers to work for a one or two hour less. You just need to find the cuts you are willing to make. If there is a will, there is a way!!

Research On The Photography Packages:

Some photographers charge on a per hour basis. Thus if you hire them for 12 hours you pay a certain price and then you may have to pay extra if the work exceeds the hours. It is important that you think about all this before you make your call.

In addition to this, many a time the prints charge extra, thus, make sure of what you want so that you are not faced with any unpleasant surprises at the end of your wedding. If you have all these pieces of information in hand, it becomes easy to find out a photographer or a photography studio that will fit your budget.

Schedule Your Time Wisely:

Every photography price package varies as per the hours. Thus it’s important to get this important point sorted beforehand. For instance, if you are hiring the wedding photographers and wedding videographers for a 9-hour shift you will have to pay extra if you keep them stalled till the end of the day. This will naturally increase the charges and it is sure to pull your budget higher up.

Thus plan out in advance the exact event you would want the photographers and videographers to shoot. For instance, you may require the videographers when you are on the dance floor and the photographers to click the pictures of the bride getting ready and the cake cutting. Once you have the schedule set, you can choose to keep either the photographer or videographer with you and release the others. Yes, there can be chances of missing out a few important shots, but such an arrangement can save you quite a few dollars.

With all these tips in mind, it will not be very difficult to find your ideal Wedding Photographer Calgary. All the best!

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