Everything you need to know about different wedding packages

If you are going to get married soon and are looking for someone to hand over the duties of wedding photography and videography, then you have come to the right place. We, as a team at Reminiscences Wedding Studios, have numerous wedding and elopement packages Alberta to make your special day even memorable and cherish-able in the days to come. We take complete responsibility for each event for you without burning a big hole in your pockets.

Weddings are the most important event that takes place in an individual’s life. It is the dream of every bride and groom to have their dream wedding with extravagant settings and exotic locations and especially for the millennials these days, they are looking for #weddinggoals. There are tons of responsibilities to be taken care of while organizing a wedding such as catering, location, guest lists, photographers, videographers and the list just goes on. With so much on the plate, sometimes the bride and the groom are so drenched in organizing responsibilities that they forget to have fun on the most special day of their lives.

What makes us different from others in the business?

Wedding photography is one of the most essential elements of any wedding. It is what remains when everything has been packed up. The photos will be taken as a glimpse by ages to come. Photos and wedding videos are the most substantial thing you leave with behind about the special day. Hence, it is of utmost importance to hire only the best in the business to capture each of your candid and lovely moments that express your true love and tell your story clearly to everyone. That is exactly where Reminiscences Wedding Studios comes into the picture. We understand each of our couples very well, their story and needs in order to provide them with the best for their special day. That is because we know that wedding photos and videos are the best and the only way to immortalize your special and exceptional day for the rest of your lives.

Some photographs can be easily pre-planned, such as the cake cutting, first dance or the entry of the bride and the groom. However, what really makes your photo album special are those that truly capture your candid moments in lieu of your inner happiness. This is exactly why; we are the answer to your queries related to wedding photography and videography. We understand the relationship you share with your family and friends and the entire mood of wedding celebrations and capture moments that mostly occur unplanned and within split seconds. Our entire cast of professionals is talented and skilled for capturing these beautiful moments that you will relish for the rest of your entire life along with your coming generations.

We provide all the facilities to make your day special

We provide our clients with photography and videography Canmore. One of the star packages is the elopement packages Alberta. Alberta is one of the quintessential locations for having an elope wedding. With the numerous Rocky Mountains and lakes, the view is breathtaking and perfect for a wedding. Some of the other picturesque places to have eloped wedding also include Banff, Canmore, and so many more.

With Reminiscences Wedding Studios, you do not have to worry about the location, as we know all that one needs to know about these locations. We are the best in the business not only because we deliver exactly what our clients looking for but also because we put in our heart and soul to make the day, the most memorable day in the lives of the bride and the groom. Our wedding packages are designed in such a manner that each and every couple finds what they might be looking for to relive each moment each time when they look into their photos and videos.

Our specialty lies in Tunnel Mountain Reservoir Wedding and covering a different range of wedding locations from Canmore to Moraine Lake. As the locations are a true treat to the eyes, with us you do not need to worry about the quality of the photographs and videos and about the location as we have all of that covered. All you will be required is to smile and be effortlessly present to enjoy the special day with your loved ones!

Different packages we offer

Our videography Canmore packages also provide drone facilities (depending on the Bylaws of the region) in order to highlight some of the key features of your star wedding for different short video clippings. Our videography packages also include different lengths of video coverage all of which depend on what you required us to do. We guarantee you that with our extremely talented and skilled videographers and photographers, you do not have to worry about looking fresh each time you look at your photos because we have that completely covered.

Our team of experienced Emerald Lake wedding photographers makes sure that each and every location at your background will be perfectly shot for you to treasure until the end of time. Our team of photographers and videographers arrive perfectly ahead of time, in order to understand and gather information about the entire location to help you perfectly capture your spectacular moments.

Our photography and videography packages categorized into Basic, Essential and Premium, are all to cater to the needs of the couple. We work on an hourly basis ranging from eight to twelve to full day coverage (no hour restriction). However, we always suggest that you approach us as a couple to answer any question that you might have. We also have a team of highly experienced individuals who are ready to solve any query that might arise at any point of meeting or the event. When collaborating with us, you do not have to worry about your dress colors or the theme of your wedding because we offer different options and suggestions depending on your story and the astonishing locations. We firstly try to understand where you really come from and what you really are looking from our services and then provide the best of our abilities and capabilities.

With us, you need to worry about nothing

We ensure that your wedding photographers are accessible to you at all the times of your function. You may sort out the administration for just two or three days or would have orchestrated it for no under seven days; we are available to your administrations at all times. Nevertheless, it is vital to book your picture taker for that particular date and time of the wedding before itself. In like manner, to make things very fundamental and straightforward, we likewise visit the wedding area ahead of time so as to familiarize with the entire spot, assemble sufficient data about your wedding subject and dress tones. This helps us in picking and selecting the spots for shooting your pictures. We ensure that we pick striking areas reliant on various segments with the objective that you look great in the spot. We give the most extreme significance to each detail like the lighting, color contrasts, background setting, and postures.


Be it winters or summers, we provide services at various locations from Canmore to Moraine Lake as well as various Tunnel Mountain Reservoir Wedding. With so many beautiful locations available all around, one unquestionably needs to get the best wedding photographers to seize the day, which can later help you catch each appreciating minute from your unforgettable day.  Reminiscences Wedding Studios put in all efforts to capture the best of these geographies with harmony and freshness of your love to entice your future generations to come for what a great couple you will be!

We are available to our couple clients at all times; fulfilling all their requirements to the best of our talents. Our team of videography Canmore and also our photographers at Reminiscences Wedding Studios are a group of independent photographers and videographers, who are the best at what they do. We, as a team put together all the beautifully captured photos and videos into a magnificent wedding album or video – graphic film, which we know how important it is for you!  Hence, we put in all of our heart and soul, just to make this day extra memorable. We try to make ends meet to truly represent and portray your love story to the best possible manner. We guarantee that you feel extraordinary in every area. We put in the entirety of our endeavors to make your wedding into a merry story, which you as a team alongside the whole family will review until the finish of time.

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