Things Not To Ask Your Best Calgary Wedding Photographers

While you want to hire the best Calgary wedding photographer for your big day, you need to know about a few things you should NOT ask your photographer.

Yes, you heard it right. For so long we have been harping on the things that you MUST ASK, MUST DO, MUST GET, but it’s time to see the flip side. Thus we at Reminiscence Wedding Studio thought of getting something off the platter for you.

At Reminiscence Wedding Studio we get a chance to meet and service diverse types of clients. Owing to our experience in photojournalism we are the best professional wedding photographers, Calgary.

In line with the experience which we have gathered through our years of work, we have also come by a few questions which clients should never ask their photographers.

Though as a client you might feel that it is okay to ask these questions, trust us, it’s not. While we at Reminiscence Wedding Studio are ready to answer any question that our clients have, all companies might not be ready to be that open. The following questions can tick them off and thus it’s best to steer away from these types of questions.

So let’s get into them:

Can You Please Send Me The Rejected Pictures Too?

This is a straight shot bad question which you should not ask your best Calgary wedding photographer. Make it a point to note that photographers especially wedding photographers spend a lot of time getting the final pictures ready.

The picture made perfect by them requires a lot of hard work and of course, a lot of things need to be culled out. These include light check pictures, bad faces, and test shots.

By asking your professional wedding photographers, Calgary to share their rejected shot shows that you don’t trust them enough and this mistrust can play against you in the final stage.

Do You Shoot in RAW Format or JPEG?

Of course, you can ask this question especially when wedding photographers Calgary price is not very low. But before you sharpen your knives to ask the question and get the desired reply, you need to know why is it important to ask this question.

Don’t just end up asking it because someone has told you to. For those of you who don’t know, RAW and JPEG are two very different formats in which the images are stored. Plus, there is a lot of difference between the functionality of the two formats.

To get into the basic difference, RAW, as the name suggests, retains a lot of information from the camera. These include the details about the exposure, contrast, lighting setting and such. Whereas JPEG, on the other hand, saves the image by compressing it to some extent.

Though this question is not a strict no-no, it’s important to know why should you be asking this question to begin with.

Can You Photoshop That?

Of course, photographers use Photoshop and other editing tools to make a few changes here and there, but most of them do not use it to change the total composition of a shot! That is what most clients expect from most wedding photographers and base the Calgary wedding photographers review on it.

But before you do this, it’s important to note that editing and that too heavy editing costs both money and time. It is not very easy as well. Thus do not ask this question after your Big Day. Check with the editing policy of your professional wedding photographers Calgary in the very first stage if it’s that important for you.

Lastly, it is not the Photographer’s task to fix the things you do not like in your pictures. Your messy hair, the exit signs in the venue and the tilted centerpiece must be fixed before the event starts. Your photographer should not be asked to fix all those in the pictures later.

What Are The Type of Equipment That You Use?

Most people feel that a good picture is all about the quality of the equipment used. While professional quality pieces of equipment are very essential for ace wedding photography, the entire picture does not depend on the equipment.

In order to make a picture stand out, a photographer’s aesthetics is really important. That cannot come with expensive types of equipment. So if you like the work of a particular company do not go about asking them what sort of equipment they use or worse, insisting them to use a certain kind. At the end of the day you require good pictures, what gadgets were used in making the same is not your concern.

Can We Give A Few Specific Pictures That We Like?

The moment you ask this question you make it established that you do not trust your wedding photographers and that kills it all.
When you meet your photographers for the first time they get a feel about which shots and angle will gel well with you. That’s what makes them the best Calgary wedding photographers! So please let them suggest you the shots and trust them to do it the best.

Can We Get A Discount If We Edit The Pictures Ourselves?

Though we are saying this with utmost love, this is the cruelest thing you can ask your wedding photographers.

Photography is an art. You are paying the artist for his/her vision and not for the unfinished products. Since the pictures are clicked by them they are the best to judge about the editing as well. So no matter how good you are with editing you can never be as good as the artist, and honestly, it’s a little insulting for them.

If I Just Need A Few Photographs, Will It Be Cheaper?

This is yet another sad thing to ask your professional wedding photographers, Calgary. It’s important to remember that you are paying for a combination of things, time, demand and talent. So no matter how many fewer pictures you may want, these three elements will always remain constant.

So steer away from asking these questions to your wedding photographers. But it’s important to let them know your choice and requirements.

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