The Questions You Must Your Wedding Videograpoher Before Your Big Day

In addition to your wedding photography, your wedding videography is very important to make your D-Day memorable. Thus it is advisable that you spend that much required time asking the most important questions before you select your Calgary videographer.

We at the Reminiscence Wedding Studios always encourage our clients to ask as many questions as they want before they select their Videographer, Calgary. We have a state of art facility when it comes to wedding photography and videography, so no matter what your questions are, we will have satisfactory answers.

Since Reminiscence Wedding Studios has been established by a happy couple, we understand the importance of everything that is a part of your wedding day. Coupled with our aesthetic sense and vast knowledge of photojournalism, we bring the very best on the table for our clients.

But no matter which wedding cinematography you are opting for, here are a few questions that you must ask.

What Is Your Style In Wedding Cinematography?

If you are in the speaking stage with a wedding videographer Calgary, then it is okay to assume that you have gone through their portfolio and have gathered enough knowledge about their storytelling style.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no standard wedding videography. All wedding videography is special and each tells a different story, and of course, not every storytelling style will match your requirement.

Maybe, you are looking for wedding video clips compiled in cinematography style? Or maybe you are looking for a fast based type of videography or something that is a little slower. There are a lot of options to choose from actually.

The only way to know the style of your wedding videographer is when you have seen their real showreels of their previous wedding.

If you already like their general style but want something special from them, do not let go of them like that. Ask them what other things they can do, or in other words, what other different styles can they use.

Generally, videographers work as a team and different people have different styles. So in all probability, you will find someone who can suit your style.

What is Your Background In Wedding Videography?

In keeping with the previous question, ask your wedding videographer, Calgary about what is their background in Videography as it can be diverse. You will be surprised by the information you will unearth. While there can be self-taught practitioners, who are true artists, you may also come across wedding videographers who have received proper training in film schools.

But why is this question important? Because your videographer, Calgary background, will affect your videography style. But generally, it is important to get as much information possible about your wedding videographer who will be in charge of your big day.

How Many Weddings Have They Filmed So Far?

No matter how many years of experience your videographer has in wedding cinematography, you need to know how many weddings they have filmed and edited prior to your big day.

It is important for you to know that filming a wedding is very different from filming a commercial or film. Wedding videography is about capturing the essence of your big day by emphasizing on certain crucial moments and then using a story format to let your emotions be known.

This can only be achieved when they have experience in the given field of work.

Are You Meeting The Person Who Will Be fIlming Your Big Day?:

Your wedding day is a very crucial day in your life and thus it must be a fun filled day for you. So no matter what, nothing or no one should cause any disturbance to it. In that light, you have to establish a rapport with your Calgary videographer or other wedding suppliers who will be spending a big chunk of your wedding day with you.

So when you are meeting your wedding videographer ask whether or not they will be filming you, or will they get someone else to do the job. You will detest taking instruction from someone whom you do not know at all on your wedding day.

Thus, it’s important to meet the person who will be covering the entire event.

How Many Camera Personnel and Equipment Will be There On Your Wedding?

Make it a point to ask how many people will be shooting your wedding and how many equipments will they be carrying.

This very much depends on the company you select, the staff of the company, and on your wedding videography budget.

It goes without saying that the more videographers and camera you have for the wedding, the better will be the result. Naturally, if you are paying for a single wedding videographer with one camera, do not expect the footage of the bride walking down the aisle, along with the reaction on the groom’s face.

But of course, if you just want a simple coverage of your big day just covering the important events of the day, one camera and a videographer will do just fine.

Are There Any Additional Costs That You Have To Bare?

It is important that you ask this question so that you are prepared for the extra costs that you have to incur.

These questions may include, is your videographer going to do overtime? Does your wedding videographer charge extra if they have to travel to different locations? Will you have to cover for their travel? How much will the edits cost?

It’s important that you get a clear picture of all these extra costs that you have to cover.

What Are The Cancellation Price and Refund Policy?

It is a pain thinking about the cancellation of your wedding videography services. But it’s prudent that you keep this question in the loop because it’s very important.

But there can be certain unfortunate situations due to which you might have to cancel your wedding videography services. Ask how will the process be and what is the refund policy.

So keep in mind all these questions and do not step back from asking these. Make your wedding day beautiful in a stressfree manner.

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