How To Look Like A Fresh Bride For Your Wedding Videography

If you are considering wedding videography, then you might want to look the best for it. Why not? After all, the main reason to get Calgary wedding videography is to capture the beauty of your wedding day.

At Reminiscence Wedding Studio we understand the requirements of our clients. No matter what they want in their wedding video, one thing remains common- the request of the brides to make her look fresh.

We accord to that desire and our highly qualified team of videographers put in all their skills to make the characters in this important event look beautiful.

At Reminiscence Wedding Studio we make use of our years of experience in photojournalism and our sense of aesthetics to create the very best. But there are things which can be achieved naturally.

For instance, the fresh dewy look on the bride’s face does not require editorial touch up if a few steps are taken beforehand.

Of course, the bride-to-be have spreads of fashion and bridal magazine laid in front of them but the following tips are different.

They are compiled by people who are a part of Calgary wedding videography and have years of experience in this field.

So without much ado, let’s check out the tips:


If you are considering videographer wedding, then you must take very good care of your skin so that you do not look pale and dry on tour D-day. Your skincare should start well in advance, a month before precisely.
On your wedding day moisturize your skin properly and then add a thin layer of foundation to even out your skin tone. Your wedding videography will turn awful if your makeup appears all cakey and smashed. After you are done with the basic, dab a little highlighter on the eye bones, temples and jawline. This is very strategic for wedding videography as this illuminates the right points which make the light bounce off.


Though talking strictly about the makeup, eyes are very important for the wedding look. But from the videography perspective, a lot of makeup on the eyes may make the bride look unnatural. Of course one can try nude makeup, but most people associated with wedding videography Calgary suggest a different thing.

As per them, instead of using eyeshadow, brides can make use of a highlighter on the eyelids and the eye corners. This helps in keeping the light natural and gives a more even look on the video. All the bride needs to do is add some streaks of mascara to keep the eyes bright and glowing in the video


There is nothing more disturbing on a wedding video than a pair bushy unkempt eyebrows. Thus it’s important to keep them natural and well managed. Of course, many makeup artists feel that filling them out and adding dimension to them is all that is required, but that is not the case when you see for the videography point of view.

Most of the videographers involved in Calgary wedding videography want the look to be natural and very subtle. Anything made up looks very disturbing and kills the wedding video impact. Thus most videographers ask the clients to bush their brows perfectly, that’s all. But before doing that, make use of natural brown powder to fill in the gaps.


While curling your lashes make sure you are working on the outer lashes as well or else your eyes will look droopy in the videos. Following this, if you are using additional lashes, make sure you make them in clusters before adding to the eye line or else they look very fake in closeup clips.


Again your makeup artist and the tons of makeup magazines that you have read so far might give you a lot of ideas. Ideally, you should test run each idea before your wedding day video shoot begins. It is advisable not to do anything unplanned that day as it might look very unnatural on the video if it does not suit you.

Most videographers associated with wedding videography Calgary like to keep things natural. In that light, a subtle amount of redness on the cheek is all that a bride needs to steal the show. This redness signifies the blush that most young brides have and this looks adorable on camera.

To get this look, just ask your makeup artist to apply just a hint of creame blush on the apples in your cheek and then make use of a brush to blend it well. Creame is always THE color if you wish to look simple yet glowy in your wedding video. However, if you have a warm or deep complexion, stick to peachy shades as they suit these complexions really well.


Lips are one of the most important parts of the body that is highlighted both in the wedding videography and photography. Thus it’s crucial to make sure that they look flawless on your wedding day.

But its importance makes most of the would-be brides confused. They often find it hard to choose between deep shades and light shades. Well, the ancient rule applies here- if the rest of the look is dull or nude for that matter, then you can opt for striking a striking color to compliment your lips. This is a very classic look, and you will find many brides pulling it off. However, if you are selecting a slight nude base make sure you are making it glossy so that it highlights your face.

However, to keep the look natural do not line your lips and jump directly on the tube. Dab it and blend it well on your lips and wipe away the excess.

While finishing the makeup, make sure not to leave out any crease lines as this becomes very obvious on the wedding video and kills the overall feel.

So here are a few tips which will make you look beautiful and fresh in your wedding videography. But it is always advisable to try them out first before you finalize them for your wedding day.

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