How To Get A Fabulous Canmore Photographers On A Tight Budget

On average, a wedding  in the current times cost $ 31, 213. In this, wedding videography and photography takes 10 to 12 percent of the total budget. 

While this might be the general price of wedding photographers Canmore, there are a few ways you can use to find affordable wedding photographer Canmore. 

At Reminiscence Wedding Studios we always suggest our clients to for a suitable wedding photography budget which is within their primary wedding budget. 

We have diverse packages which can meet up the requirements of all our clients. Though there is a popular opinion that more money better the quality, we can vouch that it is not true.

At Reminiscence, we make use of our knowledge of photojournalism combined with our sense of aesthetics to come up with pictures which is surely not going to punch a huge hole in your pocket.     

Since most people are not aware of these points of consideration, we thought to share a few ways to cut down on the photography budget through this blog. 

So here are a few tips to be used:

Consider A Photography/ Videography Fund:

Have you come across the concept of a wedding gift registry? So keeping that concept in mind why not have an online fund for your wedding photography where guests can contribute to paying for your wedding photography. 

There are some wedding photographers Canmore who offer this sort of service or you can opt for some DIY route and get started with a crowdfunding campaign using GoFundMe. 

DIY funds have more control over their contributions. For example, you can customize the package to include your pre-wedding and post-wedding moments. This is the ideal option for you if your honeymoon is the top priority. Plus, with this set up you won’t be worrying about the gifts you would receive. There is no question of re-gifting as well. 

Encash Your Connections;

If you really want some amazing pictures for your wedding, then do not give the wedding photography contact to just a random guest who happens to own an above-average Instagram account. However, if you know any professional-grade photographers who have not got much exposure yet, you can give them a shot. Many a time, they produce great results. 

Since you would be linked to their friends and family, there is a fair chance that you can avail some discount for the work they are doing even if they are well established in the field. 

The discount on offer can vary from 5 percent to 10 percent. Along with that, they might not charge you extra for the travel. 

You can also contact novice filmmakers or just-graduated photographers. They will also be ready to work for a cheaper price, especially when they can establish new contact with other prospects. 

Gather As Many Quotes and Possible To Hire The Best:  

While searching for Canmore family photographer, make sure you contact quite a few people and take their quotations to select the best at a good price. 

You do not want to rush through this process. Take as much time it needs to get in touch with all the photographers in your area and get quotes from them. 

Many a time, photographers may not be comfortable sharing the price with you right away. In such cases, make up a list of the people who seem to be in the budget. 

A good way to go about it is by attending a wedding which is near to your own wedding.  This can be your chance of contacting multiple vendors including photographers. 

Go Through The References;

Once you have made a list of your favorite wedding photographers make it a point to check the work they have done previously. 

Go through the online review section of pictures posted by them, check out the comments and also get in touch with people who have used their services. 

Of course, checking out the reviews will not reduce the price, but since you will be paying a good amount, you might as well be happy with the outcome. 

To think about it, investing in your wedding photography is not money wasted. Your wedding day is a very important day in your life and you would want to cherish it for the rest of your life. You will want to leaf through the pictures of your wedding later in your life. So think about your wedding photography budget as an investment.

Keeping Photographs For Personal Use:

Most wedding videographers and photographers keep the copyright of the wedding pictures with them. This means you cannot share them on various social media platforms as and when they like. 

However, ask your photographers to allow you to post your wedding and pre-wedding pictures. Though the wedding pictures may be late, you can share your pre-wedding pictures. 

If your wedding photographers are good at their work they might be able to bag a few more prospective clients with the photos that you share. 

Though the photographers post the pictures on their social media sites too, the more people come to see the photos better are their chance to get more work.

In that light, they will be okay with you sharing the photos. This will also play to your advantage. You can ask them to give you a discount if someone from your friend list contacts them for photography. 

Stick To Low Price Packages:

Most wedding photographers and videographers have a few basic packages to which they add and few things as per the needs of the clients.

If you want to keep your wedding budget low, then make sure you stick to the most base level packages. Cancel out on the extras like a leather-bound album, a printed picture, and such other things. 

It is best to take just the digital copies of the photos and get them printed and customized later. There is a lot of merchandise that you can get made with your wedding photographs. For instance, couple-coffee mug sets!!

So use these tricks to find a wedding photographer of your dreams. Do not be under the impression that the affordable ones are not worthy. 

You will be surprised by the results they are capable of producing.

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