Best Pre-wedding Poses By Calgary Wedding Photographers

Getting married to the love of your life is a dream come true for everyone. We understand the joys that come with your special day at the Reminiscence Wedding Studio. Thus we start our preparation beforehand for all our clients.

At Reminiscence Wedding Studio we hire the best wedding photographers in Calgary ab to ensure that your pictures turn out beautifully and is aesthetically captured. All love story is beautiful, but we at Reminiscence Wedding Studio aim to turn those love stories into fairytales.

In that light, we offer wedding photographers Calgary prices which are competitive and affordable so that everyone has a chance to narrate a love story beautifully.

While wedding photography is what we excel in, we do not keep our services limited to that. In fact, we start beforehand. Yes, we are talking about beautiful pre-wedding shots.

Ideally, Wedding photographers in Calgary ab believe that the secret to an amazing pre-wedding shot lies in the poses which should reveal the level of comfort and the chemistry of the couples

While at Reminiscence Wedding Studios we insist our clients to share a mood board of their choice, here is a list of poses which are super hot in 2019 and must be tried by all couples to be!

The Piggyback Pose:

This is a super cute pose and is a favorite of all Calgary wedding photographers. This is a must-try for couples who want their Pre-wedding pictures to turn out super cute.

In this pose, usually, the guy can piggyback his wife-to-be which kind of works as a throwback to the childhood days. Needless to say that this pose captures the purity and innocence of a relationship at its best.

But for couples who want to introduce some fun elements in their Pre-wedding shoot, then the bride to be can piggyback the guy! But no matter which style you choose this pose is an all-time favorite.

Leaning On Each Other’s Back:

A marriage is a symbol of mutual dependence and compatibility. This leaning pose best captures the pillar foundation of marriage in the most symbolic way. To click this pose the couples are made to sit back-to-back, leaning on each other. This works great both indoors and outdoors. The dressing too can be kept both ethnic and western depending on the couple’s choice.

But ideally, most wedding photographers in Calgary ab will suggest you do this outdoors as a lot of colors can be incorporated.

The Back Hug Pose:

Trust is yet another strong emotion which dominates the foundation of marriage. This pose best captures the emotion. This is a very open pose and couples can do it almost anywhere using any props. For instance, to keep it more realistic the girl can back hug the guy while he is doing something in the kitchen. Or, a little fantasy can be introduced and the bride to be can back hug the guy while he is about to mount a horse!

Show Off Your Ring Poses:

Now the engagement ring is something that everyone wants to see. So why not show it in style? You can do a lot with this pose. Talk to your Calgary wedding photographers and see if you can fit in miniature photography in the Wedding photographers Calgary prices. Make sure you do your research and come up with some beautiful shots to showcase your wedding ring!

Propose Pose:

Now since you are thinking about and planning your Pre-wedding, this boat has sailed long back! But it’s always beautiful to cherish that memory right? So yes! This is another very romantic pre-wedding pose that you can surely try.

Ideally, pick out a nice outdoor location to click this shot. An iconic monument, a place that means a lot to your relationship can be your ideal choice. This again can be done either by the bride to be or the groom to be. A girl down on her knees to propose a man of her dreams is something unique and thus must be tried by couples who want to do something interesting.

Running Together:

This pose truly captures the desire of the couples to run away from the madness of the world and start their own life. Now, this must be set in an outdoor location since running indoors can look pretty weird. Ideally, you can go for a beach, or a long bridge and pose to run away with your loved ones in grace

Swinging Together:

As the name suggests, this pose will look the best in an outdoor location or someplace semi indoors. The idea of a pre-wedding shoot is to capture the true essence of a relationship that a couple has. Thus ideally all the pictures clicked on your pre-wedding shoot must be candid and subtle. This pose works ideal for couples who enjoy calm and likes spending time with each other in tranquility. Just starting at each other and lost in each other’s thoughts is what this pose is all about.

Colorful and Cute:

How about a cute picture where the couple shares a small peck on the cheek. Though most people do not understand, a pre-wedding shoot is about sharing a little private moment. Ideally, these pictures are not for the world to see, well not most of it! But if you are open to it, a little intimate moment is what makes pre-wedding shoots the best thing before the wedding.

Take It Into The Wild:

If you are wild and free in your relationship then why not show it? Take a tour in the outdoor locations say like the hills or mountains and click some breathtaking pictures. In such places both your pose and the location is important. Ideally, you must be able to use your location as your prop.

Pre-wedding shoots are beautiful if they are done properly. Of course, in addition to the pose options shared here, there are others that you must research and try out. In addition to these make a list of the poses you adore! Get clicking!

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