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Choose Perfect Videographers for Your Wedding

A wedding involves a lot of planning. It would indeed involve a lot of work as well. The first task would definitely be fixing the date and finding the place for the ceremony. After you block the two, you might have to decide the menu, find a caterer, print and send out the invitations. The […]

Wedding Photographer Canmore

How to have a Memorable Wedding at Canmore

In this article, we will read all about how one can have memorable weddings in Canmore, along with some extravagant Canmore photography packages that have been specially designed to make the special day of the couple even more special. You will also know why Reminiscence Wedding Studios are considered the best in business and why […]


Is A Wedding Videographer A Must Have?

Is A Wedding Videographer A Must Have? Honestly speaking NO. Wedding Photography is a necessity but the wedding videography is more like a Luxury. We have spoken to a lot of brides and when asked about their wedding day, they all say it was such a fast-paced day that most of it was like a […]


Indian Wedding Photographer-Photography Calgary

  Finding the Best Indian Wedding Photographer Finding a photographer that understands your wedding traditions and cultures away from home is a task that most couples find daunting. While internet has been a great help in letting people research about different cultures and traditions, it does become problematic when Indian wedding photographer  doesn’t get it […]

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