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Some life events cannot be put in words but, they occupy the most special place in your heart. Once in a lifetime events won’t happen again, but you probably can live them all over again. Reminiscence Wedding Studios capture each and every moment of the event will take you back to the memories, while you go through all the emotions in abundance. You are in need of the perfect pictures which best depict your special story and we understand that.


Our photographers do not only click pictures, but they are also your storytellers, and this is the reason why photography and videography at life events mustn’t be compromised with. Pictures speak a thousand words, and Reminiscence Wedding Studios try to put up all those words through the lens. We are forever ready for the time of your life with our super powerful digital eyes, capturing every moment from every corner, making sure we don’t miss out any.

Process of working

People come up to us with a different kind of wedding, in the usual case, it’s always the theme wedding. Each and StyledShootCanmore83every bride and groom wish to have a dream wedding, fair enough, for you marry once in your life. Even a single mistake or ignorance is to be seriously avoided. We understand how important such times are and we know how curious and at the same time nervous a wedding can get. Everything needs to be perfect and we look forward to fulfilling all of your demands and needs. Hands down, no questions asked!

  • You can start with contacting us through the number mentioned, you can go through the site and fill out the form or you can simply leave us an email and we will revert back as soon as possible.
  • We can converse and fix up a time to meet where we would discuss how you plan to get married or you can opt to give us a   try any of the themed wedding and idea we managed to come up with.
  • We can coordinate and exchange ideas, which best relate to your dream wedding. We will make it better than your dream wedding, we assure you!
  • After the deal is locked and you are pleased by the services we provide and hire us, we will move forward to the documentation of the deal and send you a copy of the same, via email.
  • We will get along numerous times from the date of the finalized deal to the day your wedding is scheduled, in order to plan every minute detail of your wedding and to take notes of your requirements. We will also draft all the scheduled events which are to be held before the wedding along with your pre-wedding photo shoot.
  • Now, comes the wedding day and we will remain by your side, capturing every moment while you walk into your new life. Everything will go as pre-planned and we will try to work beyond your expectations.
  • We will meet again after the big day, and get along to make the gallery of your day. You will be getting our email, at the end of the preparation period.
  • We will be in constant contact with you in order to finalize your entire album and print the same.

We have various pricing policies and all of them are mentioned on our website. They are highly customizable as we provide services as per your requirements and you can easily choose the packages as per your interest. Also, we come up with exciting offers and discounts which can be referred to. We will educate you well enough about our pricing strategy and we can assure you, we are one of the most affordable wedding photographers Calgary. Apart from normal wedding photographs, we also take up order for various real estate videography Calgary. All the packages we provide are of a reasonable price to best suit your budget.

Your big day

This is the day we have been waiting for, so we assure we get there soon before everyone reaches and evaluate the location well enough. Based on it we will set up our cameras and setting while making sure everything is in place and well managed in order to click the perfect picture for you.

Weddings are events which are filled up with mixed feelings, love, joy, sadness, worrying, excitement, and also exhausting. It’s a hell of a great day and in order to make you feel like heaven, we are always fully geared up. A wedding is really special, as we ourselves are married, we can highly relate to all the feelings people get through which makes us aware of the fact how crucial they are.

Post wedding work is completely upon us as we try to come up with the most unique photographs and editing which would make your wedding look no less than a fairy tale. We are well-versed and aware of all the new trends and your pictures will be edited as per the same or you may put forward your set of preferences.

StyledShootCanmore54Benefits of hiring a wedding planner

  • Know our gear well

Owning a DSLR is common, but actually knowing your gear is a completely different concept. If photography would be that easy, people would never want to apply for professional photography degrees.

  • Professionalism

This is the most important thing which discriminates a wedding photographer from a common relative or friend. Our photographer knows his job and is professional while a friend isn’t and chances are he will miss out most of the special moments which are meant to be captured.

  • Well versed with photography concepts

Photography concepts do exist and they highly vary in terms of modern, fine art, traditional, photojournalist and candid pictures. This is what a wedding photographer will know, rather a common man who would move around clicking random pictures.

  • Patience

Weddings are not an event of a few minutes and they last for long hours. It is very important to stay calm and composed from the start to the end of the wedding, which requires patience and understanding which we possess. Photographer’s job is filled with patience and you can expect a lot from his end.

  • Communication, reliability, and experience

Your big day is the most important day of your life and you cannot let anyone randomly cover it. Professional photographers communicate the style and work and will work according to the same and also alter it as per your requirements which is why they are a lot more reliable and you can expect fruitful results.

  • Coverage and editing skills

There are many small events which sum up the wedding and equally deserve sufficient coverage. Also, every person who attends your wedding is to be taken into the frame for which, knowledge of wide coverage is important and normal people lack them. This is because of a lack of planning and coordination. Also, the end results need to be marvelous which purely depends on the editing skills, which photographers well possess. We proudly can say, that we are one of the best Calgary video production houses.

Feel free to get in touch with us and inquire about all the affordable wedding photography and real estate photography Calgary services we provide. We are extremely happy to help you.

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