7 Questions To Ask At Wedding Photography

Your wedding album is your treasure for life. It contains all the beautiful moments of your wedding and of course you would like to leaf through the glossy pages once in a while. 

But for all that to happen you need the perfect wedding photography and thus you must go through the different wedding photography pricing.

At Reminiscence Wedding Studios we offer different wedding photography pricing to our clients and provide a wide variety of wedding photography ideas so that they can make a well-learned call.

However, we encourage our clients to ask as many questions as possible. In fact, this must be made a part of your wedding photography checklist. 

While there will be questions related to your wedding photography ideas, you need to ask some basic questions to begin with. 

At Reminiscence Wedding Studios we welcome all types of questions. In fact the more the merrier. This helps us understand what the client is looking for and how can we tailor-make the process to satisfy their needs. 

After understanding that, we make use of our fine sense of photojournalism and aesthetics to conjure the best  love story

 every time.

So, it can thus be said that the entire process begins with just a few simple questions. 

Let’s check out a few questions:

What sorts of photos do you click?

This question is important since it will help you determine whether or not your wedding photography ideas match with theirs. Be very clear about the style you want for your wedding. 

Are you looking for something in traditional? Or would be comfortable with a photo-journalistic style? It’s important to figure all this out before you make any decisions.

Based on your likes you will be able to find a photographer who can bring life to your thoughts. 

How many hours will the photographers cover? Will there be more than one photographer?

Usually, a photographer covers the wedding starting from the bridal makeup to the first dance of the newlyweds. Following this, they stay back for a few hours to cover the reception. But you can ask for a customized style and book the photographers for the rehearsal dinner, the pre-wedding shoot and such other things. 

Plus you also need to know whether the photographer will cover the event alone or will a second photographer be assisting. 

While some photographers can take care of the entire event on their own, let them know if you will be comfortable with another photographer around. 

By when will they deliver the pictures? 

This is one of the most crucial questions that you need to ask your photographer and it must be stated in your Indian wedding photography contract. Though there are busy seasons and some photographers are really busy during these times, but ideally, your wedding pictures must reach you within the three months of your wedding. 

There will be some photographers who will ask for extra time, but the time required by them must be stated in the contract. 

How many pictures of the wedding will you have?  In what format will you be receiving those?

All photographers have their specific wedding packages which vary as per the price. Coming to the format used for the wedding pictures, most photographers make use of a digital style to transfer the pictures. 

 But it’s better if you check on all these points with your photographer, to begin with. Have an open discussion beforehand about how many pictures are to be included in the wedding album and how many will be edited so that no confusion is created later and no surprise costs come up. 

Can You See The Sample Work of The Photographer Clicking on Your wedding?

This is yet another crucial point that needs your attention. When it comes to weddings, it’s very important to have a plan B. The same applies to photography too. Get all points sorted out with your photographers before you sign the final contract. 

In addition to getting clarification about the hours of work, charges and number of photographs, make it a point to go through the sample work of all the photographers who will be working on your wedding. It’s better to be aware of their styles beforehand. 

What happens when the photographer cannot make it to the wedding? Does he send a substitute?

Things can go wrong at any time. Unforeseen situations can pop up from nowhere and you have to be prepared for it. Though most of us are so overwhelmed with the wedding that we tend to forget or look over the most important questions to ask. 

This question is one such. 

It may so happen that your photographer fails to attend the event. Instead of panicking at that moment, get this point clarified at the very beginning. Ask your, wedding photographer, will he/she send a substitute for the day. If yes then look at the sample pictures of this substitute from beforehand. 

How detailed Will Be The Photos?

This depends on a few things actually. First of all, you have to determine what sort of pictures you will be looking for. Do you want some specific pictures, like a full length of your dress, the wedding cake, and such other things? Or would you want pictures of your friends and family enjoying the wedding? 

Once you figure this out, you have to determine the sorts of pictures that you can do without. For instance, pictures of the centerpiece and such other details. However, no matter what your preferences are, the look and feel of the different pictures will be determined by the specific style of the photographer.

 But no matter what, it’s advisable to discuss these details with your photographers so that both you and they are ready when the day finally arrives. 

To be specific about your likes, make a mood board of the different type of clicks that you like and share with your photographer! 

So there you go, the top 7 questions to shoot out to your photographer to ensure a smooth flowing wedding.

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