5 Explanation On Why Engagement Photography Is Important

Though a wedding is a one-day ceremony, it has a celebration all around it. The preparations start way ahead and is curated with a lot of care. 

One such event associated with the wedding is the engagement ceremony. Ideally, this ties the guy and the girl together. In other words, this occasion highlights the fact that they are going to be married soon. 

At Reminiscence Wedding Studios we provide all sorts of Photography services related to weddings. Naturally, engagement photography too is one of them. However many a time we come across clients who feel that engagement videography and engagement photography is not all that crucial since it is not “a part” of the main event.

If you are going to get married soon, and if you believe that your engagement is not a part of your D-Day, then, unfortunately, you are wrong. 

In order to clear this confusion and to clarify the real deal of engagement photography to our clients, we decided to state a few reasons which will make you consider an engagement session photography.

Your wedding day is a culmination event. The climax is created by joining a lot of small events. This can include your pre-wedding, bachelor’s, rehearsal dinner, engagement and finally the wedding. 

Since all these events are linked to the wedding itself, having pictures of them all is essential. 

Of all these events the engagement is the most important one since it comes just before the wedding. 

At Reminiscence Wedding Studios we craft the engagement photos with our fine sense of photojournalism and great aesthetic skills. 

But if you are still not convinced about the importance of engagement photography, here are five reasons which can make you think otherwise. 

This Is Your Opportunity To Get To Know Your Wedding Photographer:

Before you select a photographer for your engagement, make it a point to check the various engagement photography prices. 

But it is in your best interest to hire one photographer or one studio which will cover both the events. 

If you are opting for the second option, then your engagement photography session is the best chance for you to know your wedding photographers before they shoot the actual wedding. 

This will also give you and your partner a chance to become comfortable with the photographers so that you do not feel camera conscious on your wedding day. 

On the other hand, the photographers too will be able to understand the chemistry that you both share so that they can click you better on your wedding. They will have a chance to understand the profiles that work out with you

Practice Will Make The Pictures Perfect:

Though many couples are quite camera-friendly there are quite a few who get very anxious when they are being shot. They constantly think about how their pictures will turn out, or how long will it take to complete the process. 

While a lot of the photography session depends on the couples and their chemistry, a slice of it also depends on the kind of photographers you hire. In that light, check out the engagement photography near me. 

Coming back to your engagement photography, having a few professional photographers clicking you before the wedding will give you a chance to understand how things will proceed on your wedding day. You will know what to expect and be prepared. 

Collateral To Pre Wedding:

Soon after your wedding, you will want to share your wedding moments on the various social networking sites. While wedding pictures are great for this purpose, a few moments from your unmarried days are beautiful. For this purpose, your engagement photography will come handy. 

You can also use these pictures in your wedding albums and create beautiful memories. In addition to all these, you can also get a few printed to put up on your home. Basically, there are endless possibilities that you can explore. 

You, Will, Have Printed Professional Photographs Before The Wedding Pictures Arrive:

Every couple is anxious to see how their wedding pictures turn out. Since it is their wedding they have huge expectations for their wedding pictures. 

You may have seen the portfolio of the photographers you have hired. You may love their work. But being anxious about your pictures is very natural. 

A bit of your anxiety can be heaved if you have your professionally made engagement pictures. This will give you a fair idea about how your wedding pictures are likely to turn out. Based on those pictures you can decide what all changes should you make in your wedding pictures. The photographers too will get an idea about the kind of pictures you like and use that as a reference to click your wedding pictures. 

Hair and Makeup Trial:

It is advisable to go for the same makeup artist for the engagement that you have selected for your wedding. 

Along with your experience with your photographer, you can find out if the makeup artist is worth it for the wedding. Plus, your engagement pictures will help you decide whether or not the look (which includes hair and makeup) is ideal for you for your wedding. 

It must be born in mind that your hairstyle and makeup plays a very crucial role when it comes to the success of your wedding photography. If your hairstyles and makeup are not in point, your engagement photography and wedding photography may look very dull and matte.

The same applies to the groom’s clothing. There are many guys who are not very comfortable in wearing certain types of clothes. If the same types of clothes are selected for the wedding then it is advisable to check beforehand how are they pulling the look. 

So for these reasons your engagement photography is more of a trial run for your wedding photography. Whatever you do not like in your engagement photography can be altered for the main event. 

In that light having good photographers to shoot your engagement is crucial.

With all that said, begin your hunt for the ideal photographers and go through their previous work to select nothing but the best. This is a one-time event, and you have the right to look as beautiful as you want to. 

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