Reminiscences Wedding Studios is a proud joint collaboration between the happy couple, Saurabh and Rashmi. We are a dynamic real life couple who get behind the lens to bring quality and creativeness to your special day. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Reminiscences Wedding Studios has have weaved their artistic magic into the weddings of hundreds of couples from New Zealand to Canada.

Being experts in the field of photojournalism, we have brought our aesthetics to weddings worldwide. As experienced photographers who have travelled all over the world, we bring with us years of experience in creating wedding photographs that evoke strong emotions of romance, fun and delight.

Each wedding photograph that we take is meticulously crafted so that you are able to relive the moment as if you were still present there. Our expert team of photographers take extreme care in capturing all moments you will hold dear for the rest of your lives. Each photograph is crafted with elegance and style with a touch of candidness.

We not only specialize in photography but are experts in the field of wedding films too. Reminiscences Wedding Studios takes special care in understanding how you envisioned your special day. With an impeccable history in bringing joy to hundreds of happy couples, we will capture all the memorable moments for you and recreate it for you to enjoy for the rest of your happy life!